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When I moved to L.A. over 20 yrs ago, my mental picture of L.A. consisted of a vague melange of freeways, palm trees, and beaches. Everybody knows the beach, David Hockney has the palm trees covered, and I became fascinated with the freeways.

The freeways, whatever you feel about them, are the heart and soul of L.A., the circulatory system. They tie together far-flung neighborhoods and bring you where you're going quicker; they also contribute to the poisonous orange haze that settles over the L.A. metro basin when the winds die; and lock you into a mind-numbing crawl on the 405 thru West L.A. during a rush hour that has expanded to five hours. The 710 brings Toyotas and cheap Chinese-made bras from the huge container ships idling in Long Beach and Terminal Island to the railyards in Vernon where the goods flow out into the rest of the country. The 105-E flyover ramp from the 405-S next to the 747s coming in for a landing at LAX offers you a panoramic view of the Westside, with ample time to sit and take in the scenery weekdays from 4 to 6 PM. The bullet-ridden 110-105 interchange in South LA, the 22-5-57 "Orange Crush" stack, and the 10-210-57-71 near Pomona give you a view of the intriciate design and the majestic sweeping curves of the modern freeway stack, the cathedral of the automotive era.

What If...... the Hudson River School of Art had decided to paint freeways instead of landscapes? Of course, the freeway was not invented until long after the Hudson River School faded away, but can you imagine if Frederic Church or Thomas Moran had decided to apply their grand, bombastic, glowing Luminist sensibilities to the subject...

Road movies! Road movies! Some of my favorites...

Road Sign Math
Fascinating combo of freeway signs and mathematical formulas! Geeks will love this site. I definitely gotta bring my camera with me more often...

California Highways
What more needs to be said?

Wiki on the Interstate Highway System
Check out the entries for my favorite escapes from LA; I-15, I-5, and I-10. Also fun facts on Route 66 and The Highway Formerly Known as Route 666.

Online Conversion
Convert just about anything to anything else. Over 5,000 units, and 50,000 conversions.

Going-to-the-Sun Road
Possibly the most scenic highway in the U.S, crossing Glacier National Park; also check out its Wikipedia entry.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
The world's largest bridge-tunnel complex, this was selected as one of the "7 Engineering Wonders of the Modern World" when it was completed.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
The world's largest steel-arch bridge, and you can climb on top of it!

Hoover Dam Bypass
Scheduled to be completed fall 2010 - see progress, history, and pictures.

Falkirk Wheel
An amazing and unique solution to move ships through canals instead of locks!

Building Big - About the Challenges
Perfect for the budding civil engineer or architect - try your hand designing a bridge or skyscraper!

Building to the Limits
Fascinating site about sustainable and safer building technology

How House Construction Works
Ever wondered how a house is built? This article shows the steps

Great Buildings Collection
Search for some of the more important and innovative architecture here!

Sustainable Sources
Green Building information - click on the links at the top to learn about all sorts of sustainable materials and technology

Green Port Fest
The Port of Long Beach's annual Open House - showcasing the port's role in the economy and its environmental programs

Let's go for a drive on the highway...

National Geodetic Survey
Tons of useful information on national coordinates, mapping, and charting

The GeoCommunity
The Premier Portal for Geospatial Technology Professionals

Geographic Technology
All about GIS and GPS
Discover benchmarks! Find or hide your own geocaches! Join the community!

Benchmark HuntingBenchmarks
A collection of surveying benchmarks I've stumbled upon or otherwise discovered

The Public Land Survey System
History and explanation of the PLSS

USGS Topographic Maps
Free downloadable 7.5 minute topo map quadrangles, plus history and information

The National Map
USGS Topo Maps on steroids! The "next-generation" digital GIS format.

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program
Real-time earthquake maps, info and news; check out the facts and statistics.

Climbing Mt. Whitney
Tips & info on hiking Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states.

C&O Canal Bicycling Guide
Enjoy the scenery on this historic towpath between Cumberland, MD and Washington, DC.

Caves and Springs in Virginia
Info, links, and places for caving in the karst topography of Virginia

This actually means "File System Check" in Unix. Honest.

Satellite Photo of Earth at Night
Famous image showing the density of artifical lights on the earth

The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth
The best and most complete online collection of astronaut photographs of the Earth

Heavens-Above Home Page
Trying to spot the International Space Station? Find out where it and satellites and planets will be in the sky

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Rockets, space exploration, and remote sensing

The future of commercial transportation to the International Space Station

"The house is a machine for living in." -- Le Corbusier
"Well, now that he's finished one building, he'll go write four books about it." -- Frank Lloyd Wright about Le Corbusier

Damn Interesting
The name says it all! Weird science articles. Check out the comments too!

Has the Large Hadron Collider Destroyed the World Yet?
Just click to find out.

Drafting Funnies
CAD jokes and incredible photos. Includes the "Backhoe and bridge quiz".

Squirrel Fishing
A new approach to rodent performance evaluation, or what nerds do when they get bored

Science Tattoo Emporium
What scientists and mathematicans pick when they get inked

Martronics Corp.
Etch-O-Matic metal etchers, glass etching, rubber stamp/stencil/sign makers for crafts, hobbies, & small biz

Amusement Ride Extravaganza
Thrill rides in amusement parks, fairs, and carnivals, from the Giant Drop, to the Gravitron to the Wave Swinger

Not for kiddies! Cryptic & rude words in fingerspelling. Insult someone without their knowing! Follow the links if you MUST know what they mean.

Brewery Art Walk
Twice-yearly open house at the world's largest artist colony! Surrounded by the 5, 10, and 110 in downtown Los Angeles, close enough to breathe in the fumes.

Hello Kitty Hell
One Manís Life With Cute Overload. Licensed and bootleg "Hello Kitty" images on everything from AK-47s to s*x toys.

Sculpture & Mathematics
Moebius Strips, Gordian Knots and mathematically-derived sculptures

Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena
(Optische Taüschung) Really, really, really cool mind-eye candy

Lumia - Thomas Wilfred
Light - Art - Lumia: The pioneering light art work of Thomas Wilfred

Phantom Galleries LA
Cool temporary installations in vacant storefronts

Rock art, petroglyphs, pictographs mostly in the Desert Southwest

Follow the green links below ONLY if you have a doctor's script in participating states...
Ever wondered if that email "true story" or picture you got is for real or fake? Check it out here.
Hilarous photos of English text in places where it is NOT the first language. Check out "Adult Engrish" too!

This is True
Weekly newsletter of weird news - "Truth is Stranger than Fiction Because Fiction Has to Make Sense".

Mug Shot Museum
Scary mug shots of particularly dumb criminals - almost better than "Cops"!
Home of The Gallery of Regrettable Food and more ironic commentary on the good ol' days

Some of my favorite Zombie Movies

News and more at: Lost Angeles Rubber Blog

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