National Geodetic Survey Benchmark H 774
Monumented 1945 - Beverly Hills, CA

NGS Benchmark H 774 Beverly Hills CA 1945
Area of Benchmark
I missed my bus stop, got off at the next one, and since it was an express, had to walk back quite a ways. I was rewarded for my exercise by finding a benchmark; luckily I had my camera with me. The designation of this NGS benchmark is H 774 and its PID, which I managed to look up later, is EW1649. Scaled coordinates are 34° 03.967 N, 118° 22.867 W (NAD 83).
I don't know what he number "749" stands for, maybe a point ID for a local surveying project. It helped me find the BM, though. According to the datasheet, when it was set in 1945, it was in the top step of a pedestrian underpass, at sidewalk level. The underpass is long gone as of February 2010.
Near Willaman
It's on the south side of Wilshire Blvd. between Willaman and Hamel, on the sidewalk close to the curb.

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