National Geodetic Survey Benchmark G 789
Monumented 1946 - Long Beach, CA

NGS Benchmark G-789 Long Beach CA 1946
Area of Benchmark
My first benchmark found (that I was looking for, I accidentally stumbled upon one before). I thought it was pretty easy to find. Its designation is G 789 and its PID (Point ID) is DY0633. My GPS phone has it at 33° 46.517 N, 118° 07.892 W.
When it was set in 1946, it was 1 1/2 feet south of the curb, and set in the top of a concrete post. As you can see, it has been preserved, but is now in the middle of the sidewalk as of January 2010.
Looking West from Benchmark
Looking west along 7th Street near the Recreation Park Golf Course in Long Beach, the area of this benchmark. If you are interested in finding your own benchmarks and/or geocaches, I suggest you check out Happy hunting!

Photos and text by Kendra Harness. All rights reserved.