Benchmarks on Willow Street
City of Long Beach, CA

BM Willow -  Atlantic
BM Willow -  Atlantic Closeup
I spotted a couple of benchmarks along Willow Street in Long Beach. This small brass one is at the NW corner of Willow x Atlantic and the coordinates I got with my GPS phone were 33-48-16.2 N, 118-11-6.4 W. I was unable to find a definite identification for this or the other one, though. Photographed March 2010.
The close-up shows its designation as "CLB BM 98 RCE 9785". Monumented in 1984.
BM Willow-California
BM Willow -  California Closeup
This one is a few blocks east, at the NW corner of Willow x California, apparently in Signal Hill. The coordinates for this one are around 33-48-16.4 N, 118-10-51.0 W.
This disk reads, "CLB BM 97 RE 3111" and was apparently monumented in 1970, possibly 1980, but it looks quite a bit more weathered than the other one. Of course maybe it's just the paint spatter.

Photos and text by Kendra Harness. All rights reserved.