Los Alamitos Benchmark DY9043
Monumented 1970 - Los Alamitos/Long Beach, CA

Coyote Creek BM DY9043
Closeup of Benchmark DY9043
This survey disk benchmark is either in Los Alamitos, Orange County or Long Beach, LA County. It's located at the south end of the Coyote Creek bridge #55136 on the east side of Norwalk/Los Alamitos Blvd, on the sidewalk a half foot from the curb. PID is DY9043 and scaled coordinates are N 33 48.900 W 118 04.350 (NAD 83). BM 8930 is probably a local city designation. Photographed February 2010.
The close-up shows its designation as "County Engineer B.M. 8-24E R.E. 5869". Monumented in 1970.
Nearby Cross Monument
Nearby Benchmark Disk
A little farther north on the sidewalk is a cross chiseled in the sidewalk, designated "FES #5". There is another cross south of the bridge, "FES #4".
Also nearby (a little farther south from DY9043, on the sidewalk if I remmeber correctly) is a small disk with a spray-painted designation, "12303". The disk itself is difficult to read - the only readily visible stamping is "LA CO".
Nearby Disk Monument
Nearby Benchmark Disk
Another nearby monument - forgot exactly where this one is, think it's at the NW corner of Wardlow x Norwalk. Photographed May 2010.
The small washer-type disk doesn't offer much help in identification - it's rather plainly stamped "Orange County Surveyor".

Photos and text by Kendra Harness. All rights reserved.