Orange County Surveyors Benchmark SA-318-84
Monumented 1984 - Santa Ana, CA

NGS Benchmark G-789 Long Beach CA 1946
Area of Benchmark
This Orange County Surveyor benchmark is designated "SA-318-84" (monumented in 1984 in Santa Ana) and its PID is AB8652. Scaled coordinates are N 33 45.383 W 117 53.117 and it's on the east side of Bristol Street, just across from Santa Ana College and north of Washington Ave. Photographed February 2010.
This BM is a 4-inch aluminum survey disk set flush in the top of the SE corner of a concrete catch basin. Note it's in the middle of a painted cross, presumably for use in aerial photography.
Looking West from Benchmark
Another visual clue is the spray-painted "BM" and arrow. "22434" I guess is a designation for a local project, as this benchmark is supposed to be at OCF station 1512+00.

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