City Survey Benchmark 1312292
Monumented 1987 - Los Angeles, CA

NGS Benchmark G-789 Long Beach CA 1946
Area of Benchmark
Here's a "City of L.A. Survey" benchmark. It also reads "13 12292 BBM 1987". Somewhere in the neighborhood of 34° 3' 50.0" N, 118° 22' 15.7" W. Spotted January 2010.
This BM is at the lower right corner of this picture, near the manhole and upside-down in relation to the previous photo. Notice this city BM is a bit smaller than a typical NGS (National Geodetic Survey) benchmark, maybe a third the size.
Looking West from Benchmark
If you haven't figured it out yet, this area is "Beverly Hills adjacent". The benchmark is at the SE corner of Wilshire/San Vicente boulevards, and if you follow the crosswalk across San Vicente you would be in Beverly Hills proper.

Photos and text by Kendra Harness. All rights reserved.