Benchmarks! Benchmarks! Benchmarks!

A byproduct of taking survey/mapping classes has been an increased appreciation for the built environment and a semi-obsession with benchmark hunting... so here are some I've found. If you're interested in finding your own, you can get started at They have a nice page on benchmark hunting. You can often identify found disks by typing in the zip code there, and searching the list for the designation (number on top of the disk). Other sites like the land records page at Orange County Geomatics and the NGS Datasheet pages can also help you identify. Enjoy!

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NGS Benchmark G 789 Long Beach
NGS DY0633 Long Beach CA
LA City Benchmark BH adjacent
Los Angeles City Survey 1312292
Beverly Hills H 774
NGS EW1649 Beverly Hills CA
SAC SA-318-84
OC AB8652 Santa Ana CA
Los Alamitos BM DY9043
Los Alamitos DY9043
City of Long Beach BMs Willow
Willow St. Long Beach/Signal Hill
LACFD Long Beach
LA County Flood Control District, Long Beach

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